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上帝视角下的阿德莱德 ——来到这里必做的十件事!(上)

The secret is out. Nestled between a lush coast and fertile wine country, Adelaide is not only home to diverse landscapes but also to a thriving city that has recently taken renewed pride in the beauty of being small. Here, we round up 10 of the best things to do in and around South Australia’s capital.


—1. Play at Glenelg —

Sun, sand, bars, restaurants, water slides, a Ferris wheel and more ice-cream than you can poke a popsicle stick at can be found at Glenelg. Home to a relatively safe swimming beach that features gentle waves and an area patrolled by surf lifesavers in summer, Glenelg is Adelaide’s summer playground.



—2. Swim at Semaphore Beach—

With its old-high-street feeling, laid-back cafés and healthy dose of quirkiness, Semaphore is Adelaide’s hidden beach gem. Like Glenelg, there’s a wide stretch of sand and family-friendly waters.

But where Glenelg is slick, Semaphore is low-key, with a jetty for fishing, a small water slide and skate ramp, plus an undercover barbecues that are popular on sunny days.



—3. Join a Foodie Walking Tour——

If golf is a good walk spoiled, Foodi tours are a good walk made even better. Take a knowledgeable guide, a friendly tour group and a choice of indulgent food and drink experiences – and you’re on the way to being spoilt rotten.



—4. Visit Adelaide Botanic Garden—

Adelaide Botanic Garden has a charming series of meandering paths that are perfect for a jog or walk. Venture down the avenue of Moreton Bay fig trees and past the Amazon Waterlily Pavilion – which holds the Victoria amazonica waterlily that flowers only at night – and the prehistoric Wollemi pine, one of the world’s oldest and rarest plants.



—5. Have a Wild Encounter at Adelaide Zoo —

Answer the call of the wild in the heart of the city at Adelaide Zoo, one of South Australia’s most popular attractions. An ark-load of curious residents awaits in the lush surrounds, including star attractions Wang Wang and Fu Ni, the only giant pandas in the Southern Hemisphere.




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